Safety Culture Assessment

Safety culture is a strong predictor of continued safety performance. Our safety cultureassessment measures employee perceptions of 14 unique safety-related issues and safetymanagement systems scientifically linked to a variety of safety outcomes; it also measures 5attitudes traditionally associated with overall job performance.

Error Reduction Training

Around 80% of all workplace accidents are due to human error. Error reduction training is designed to help employees commit fewer mistakes at work. It is conducted in the classroom and focuses on safety and performance improvement at the worker level.

Leadership Training

Leadership impacts workplace safety and performance primarily through its impact on employee attitudes. Our leadership workshops are designed to teach leadership skills that positively influence these attitudes. We also consult one-to-one and coach executives and
leadership directly.

Field Engagement Training

Field engagement training is designed to help employees take lessons learned in the classroom (CZS’ error reduction training or training facilitated internally by the client) and apply them to their actual work environments. These one-on-one coaching sessions help foremen through site leaders convert classroom training into  field performance through active practice, observation and feedback.

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