Leadership impacts workplace safety and performance primarily through its impact on employee attitudes.

Our leadership workshops are designed to teach leadership skills that positively influence these attitudes. We also consult one-to-one and coach executives and leadership directly.



Compared to most other leadership training workshops, our workshops are based on more than just applied experiences in leadership roles; they are based on a scientific model of leadership development. In addition, rather than focusing on leadership styles and traits, our workshops focus on the development of specific leadership behaviors. Finally, our workshops are tailored to the unique training needs of three different populations: non-managers, mid-level managers, and upper-level managers/senior leaders.



Our lead facilitator and workshop designer, Dr. Allen Watson, has received extensive formal training in the science of leadership assessment and development. In addition, Commander Kelly Sullivan, along with each of our other senior military instructors, knows what it takes to be an effective leader at different levels of an organization. This combination of textbook knowledge and applied experience makes our group of facilitators highly effective at gaining message buy-in from employees at all levels.



We offer an array of training topics.  Each topic can be suited for length, audience, and individual client need. Before we partner with a client to provide any type of leadership training, we meet with the client to identify the client’s specific leadership needs and develop an individualized training curriculum that meets these needs. Below is a list of sample leadership training topics.



  • Management Versus Leadership

  • Characteristics of an Effective Team Leader

  • How to Motivate Your Employees

  • Employee Supervision

  • Communicating a Clear Safety Vision

  • Demonstrating Trust and Credibility

  • Listening Effectively

  • Promoting Cooperation and Teamwork

  • Recognizing and Rewarding Positive Behaviors

  • Fostering Open Communication

  • Demonstrating Initiative

  • Setting Goals

  • Making Sound Decisions

  • Solving Problems

  • Coaching and Developing Others

  • Giving and Receiving Negative Feedback

  • Planning and Organizing

  • Managing Conflict

  • Managing Stress

  • Managing Time

  • Managing Difficult People

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