Field engagement training is designed to help employees take safety and performance improvement lessons learned in the classroom (CZS’ error reduction training or training facilitated internally by the client) and apply them to their actual work environments. These one-on-one coaching sessions help foremen through site leaders convert classroom training into field performance through active practice, observation and feedback.



Many training programs stop at the classroom; instructors simply engage the audience and present the material. We believe that training is most effective when it is extended to the field and trainees are given the opportunity to: (1) practice skills they learned in the classroom, and (2) receive instructor-led feedback regarding skill development. This approach increases the probability that trainees will continue to demonstrate the skills learned during training after training is complete.



Led by Commander Kelly Sullivan, our team of fighter pilots is highly effective at engaging and training employees in the field. Each is experienced in carrying out high risk military operations where sound planning and attention to detail are critical to operational success. They understand the process of working safely and recognize the negative consequences of cutting corners.


This combination of real-world military experience and safety knowledge makes them extremely effective at teaching others how to minimize errors within stressful and complex work environments.



The development and execution of each field engagement session follows the same basic process.

  • We work with the client to identify the employee groups and skills to be trained.

  • We then generate an engagement script, or training curriculum, for each trainee group.

  • Over a period of 1 to 3 days (per employee or crew), our field experts visit the job site, interact closely and intensely with employees in their work environments, and execute the engagement scripts.

  • At the conclusion of each session, we meet with the client to discuss the results of the engagement process.



The engagement script plays a critical role in the engagement sessions. It provides focus, direction, and scope control.


Each script is designed to focus the session around specific target areas of improvement. The script is not designed to grade or evaluate individuals, but it does provide the client with an objective means to review and evaluate the effectiveness of the training effort.

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